The USS Constitution is a Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier and the head of the United States carrier fleet. The Constitution is a fictional ship based off a real design; its number, CVN-80, will belong to a real carrier scheduled for completion in 2020 or 2021. The Constitution is commanded by Admrial Richard Morrison, and it is accompanied by the USS Lexington and USS Maine, as well as six frigates.

In August 2020, the carrier fleet approached the island and was the rendezvous location for Nomad, Psycho, Prophet, and Helena Rosenthal. Admiral Morrison ordered a nuclear strike on the island despite Helena's objections, and as she predicted, the island's ice sphere only grew stronger, encompassing the entire island. Thousands of aliens then attacked the carrier fleet. The Maine was presumed destroyed in the ocean on the other side of the island within the ice sphere and the Lexington was destroyed in an unspecified manner by the aliens. The alien warship rammed and sunk one of the frigates and four more were destroyed by alien scouts during the battle. One scout rammed the bridge of the Constitution, causing massive damage. The ship started flooding after multiple alien attacks and Admiral Morrison was impaled and killed by an alien trooper. Nomad defeated an alien hunter and the warship itself; the destroyed warship crashed onto the Constitution's flight deck, splitting the carrier in half and creating a giant whirlpool that destroyed the remaining frigate. Nomad, Psycho, and Helena escaped on a VTOL and decided to head back to the island.

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