Tara Strickland
Portrayed by
Jane Perry
First seen
Lieutenant Tara Strickland
Former Navy SEAL, undercover CIA agent, CELL special advisor
United States Navy, Central Intelligence Agency

Lieutenant Tara Strickland is a main character in Crysis 2.


2023 (Crysis 2)Edit

Tara is the daughter of Major Strickland, the leader of the ground invasion of the island in August 2020. After he was killed, she supposedly went crazy, drinking and doing drugs before dropping out of the Navy SEALs to join Crynet Systems as a special advisor to their CELL mercenary group. However, this was all a ruse, as she was secretly working as an undercover CIA agent, hoping to get revenge on Jacob Hargreave, who she blamed for her father's death because he secretly knew of the Ceph aliens on the island but warned no one. Tara and Commander Lockhart argued over whether or not to use deadly force on "Prophet" (actually Alcatraz in Prophet's suit), with Tara wanting him alive while Lockhart wanted him dead. They eventually captured Alcatraz and Nathan Gould at the CELL Nanotech Facility, where Gould angrily told Tara her father would be ashamed of her behavior. Later, Tara set Gould free. She captured Alcatraz again on Roosevelt Island and brought him to Hargreave's scientists, who began trying to cut him out of the suit. When the suit became symbiotically binded with Alcatraz and prevented them from cutting it, Hargreave suggested shooting him, but Tara killed the soldiers before they could and revealed her true identity as a CIA agent.

Tara then explained Hargreave's idea that only he can destroy the Ceph and gave Alcatraz the location of his office. After injecting himself with a bioweapon formula, Alcatraz met up with Gould and Tara, and they fought their way to Central Park, only to watch it rise into the sky, attached to the alien ship beneath it. Alcatraz destroyed the ship and the Ceph invaders in the city. Tara was last seen celebrating in the streets with Gould.

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