"Semper Fi or Die" is the tenth mission of Crysis 2.


Alcatraz awakens in the flooded streets of New York City, having been found by Chino, one of his marine friends, and his band of soldiers. The group is instructed by Hargreave to make their way to the Hargreave-Rasch building so Alcatraz can use their computers with his suit. As the soldiers fight the Ceph forces, they realize the city is being ripped apart from underground by a massive structure.

Crysis 2 missions
"In at the Deep End" • "Second Chance" • "Sudden Impact" • "Road Rage" • "Lab Rat" • "Gate Keepers" • "Dead Man Walking" • "Seat of Power" • "Dark Heart" • "Semper Fi or Die" • "Corporate Collapse" • "Train to Catch" • "Unsafe Haven" • "Terminus" • "Power Out" • "Eye of the Storm" • "Masks Off" • "Out of the Ashes" • "A Walk in the Park"

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