"Safeties Off" is the fourth mission of Crysis 3.


Prophet attempts to rendezvous with Psycho while the Ceph invade and start destroying the CELL forces. He and Psycho are reunited and make their way to a CELL facility where Psycho was previously ripped from his suit. They use a device to unlock Prophet's suit so that he can interface with the Ceph. However, while exploring files, Psycho comes across a video showing that Claire Fontanelli was responsible for removing him from his suit. Although she attempts to explain that she was given no choice, Psycho is enraged and is further angered when Prophet sides with her. He accuses Prophet of being a bad commander and leaves.

Crysis 3 missions
"Post-Human" • "Welcome to the Jungle" • "The Root of All Evil" • "Safeties Off" • "Red Star Rising" • "Only Human" • "Gods and Monsters"

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