"Recovery" is the second mission of Crysis. Having learned there is more to the island than meets the eye, Raptor Team attempts to retrieve a hostage from the North Koreans.


Nomad and Psycho watch as Prophet burns Jester's body to prevent his suit from being stolen by the Koreans. They then find a small outpost with several dead Koreans. They split up, and Nomad accesses the KPA military network. Nomad then infiltrates a village where the KPA has a captured hostage. After fighting off dozens of KPA soldiers, Nomad and Psycho break into the school that has been turned into a fortified bunker and rescue the hostage. The hostage explains that one member of her research team went missing in the jungle, two more (including Helena Rosenthal) are being held elsewhere, and Dr. Rosenthal himself is being held at the excavation site. She says that the research team discovered something in the mountain that has now awoken and doesn't want anyone on the island. Tanks arrive, which Nomad destroys, and he goes to rendezvous with Prophet while Psycho evacuates the hostage.


Nomad works his way through the KPA-infested jungle, finally finding a small cave where he meets Prophet. Prophet explains the hostage they just rescued was actually an undercover CIA agent spying on Dr. Rosenthal.

Crysis missions
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