"Reckoning" is the eleventh and final mission of Crysis. As Nomad arrives on the USS Constitution, he prepares for a massive battle with the aliens.

Good IntentionsEdit

Early the next morning, Nomad finds Helena onboard the Constitution, as well as Psycho and a captured alien scout. Psycho says Nomad will never believe the story of how he retrieved the alien, and Helena explains she believes the aliens absorb energy. This is proven when the captured alien tries to absorb energy from the Constitution itself. Nomad meets with Admiral Richard Morrison, who orders a nuclear strike on the island despite Helena's objections. Helena explains she intercepted the energy-sapping radio signal the aliens emit and reverse-engineered it in Nomad's suit so he can overload their shields. Prophet raids the armory and a VTOL and flies back to the island to finish the fight against the aliens, and Morrison fires a nuclear missile at the island. As Helena predicted, the missile only makes the ice sphere encompass the entire island. Thousands of aliens swarm the carrier fleet and ram the bridge.

To Hell and BackEdit

Nomad wakes up on the bridge in the midst of a massive battle. He defends the flight deck from dozens of alien scouts, and is eventually instructed to find an engineer to help him shut down the ship's reactor to prevent an explosion. Nomad fights off scores of alien troopers inside the flooding ship, and manages to deactivate the reactor. He enters the armory and retrieves the TAC launcher, then returns to the bridge, where an alien trooper kills Admiral Morrison.

Last StandEdit

On the deck, Nomad finds the alien hunter attacking the marines. Using Helena's reversed radio frequency, he deactivates the hunter's shields and manages to kill it. Suddenly, the enormous alien warship rises out of the ocean and attacks. Helena and Psycho use a VTOL to remove the warship's shields, and Nomad uses the TAC launcher to fire nuclear grenades and blow up its wings. The warship then hovers over the flight deck, and Nomad fires one last TAC grenade into its underside hatch, destroying it.


Nomad flees the deck and jumps into the VTOL. Helena nearly falls out into the maelstrom created by the sinking Constitution and warship, which decimates the rest of the carrier fleet. Psycho receives a signal from Prophet on the island, and Nomad, explaining they now have the means to destroy the aliens, says "we're going back."

Crysis missions
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