"Paradise Lost" is the eighth mission of Crysis. Nomad successfully leaves the alien ship, but soon encounters a new challenge: the ice sphere.


Nomad exits the ship and starts to walk towards his pickup VTOL when the ship releases a massive blast of energy that freezes miles of jungle in a circle around the ship. Now stranded in a -200 degrees Fahrenheit environment, Nomad is instructed by Major Strickland to try and find a platoon of marines who were on the mountain. Nomad locates their frozen bodies and realizes no one could survive the cold without a nanosuit. Nomad also encounters many alien troopers and the large alien scouts, but just when he seems overwhelmed, Prophet appears with an alien weapon.


Prophet explains he reverse engineered the alien weapon, and that his suit is damaged and losing energy in the cold. Nomad and Prophet move through the vast frozen fields and canyons while fighting off aliens and resting at burning vehicles so Prophet can warm up. At one point, they see a huge alien warship fly overheard. Eventually, the pair reach the edge of the sphere and walk out into the normal jungle.

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