"Onslaught" is the fifth mission of Crysis. With the US invasion in full swing, Nomad and the marines use tanks to push to the mountain.

Team IdahoEdit

Nomad, Major Strickland, and other marines ride their tanks out into a large, open field with other KPA tanks. As they destroy the tanks, Strickland notices the mountain appears to be shedding its rock coverings, revealing glowing blue materials underneath. They arrive at a KPA train depot and destroy it.

Phase Line AlphaEdit

Nomad, Strickland, and the marines use their tanks to destroy several more Anti-aircraft artillery guns so the air force jets can destroy a large KPA munitions dump. Nomad retrieves a gauss rifle from a VTOL and arrives at a torn-up stretch of road near the mine he has been instructed to invade.

Crysis missions
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