The ice sphere is a prominent location in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. It is a circular radius of frozen jungle eminating out from the alien ship in the large mountain on the island. The sphere is literally an energy bubble that surrounds the ship, but humans, aliens, vehicles, and other matter can pass through it. The temperatures in the ice sphere reach as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit, instantly killing anything that is not wearing a nanosuit.

The ice sphere is created as the ship attempts to free itself from the mountain. The aliens thrive in the sphere and eventually begin venturing out into the jungle, though several scouts had already explored the jungle, attacking Raptor Team. Nomad is trapped in the ice sphere as it is created, but finds Prophet, who somehow survived abduction, and they escape the sphere and reunite with Major Strickland and the marines. In Warhead, Psycho is also trapped in the sphere while being held captive on a Korean submarine; he escapes and chases down Colonel Ji-Sung Lee in a hovercraft. He eventually meets up with Eagle Team, another nanosuit squad, and they work together to escape the sphere through an abandoned mine. Psycho rides a train holding the container he is tracking; at one point the train briefly passes through the sphere to get to the Korean airfield. At the end of the game, Admiral Richard Morrison orders a nuclear strike to destroy the aliens, even though Helena Rosenthal warns him that the aliens sap energy for sustenance and will only get stronger. She is correct, and the nuclear explosion causes the sphere to expand around the entire island.

The ice sphere is notable outside the game's plot for the large amount of snow and ice artifacts and textures, which cause slowdown on most computers. Many players are forced to turn down their graphical settings while in the ice sphere.

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