"Gods and Monsters" is the seventh and final mission of Crysis 3, and the final mission of the Crysis series.


Prophet fights his way to the Alpha Ceph, which is guarding the wormhole through which the Ceph fleet are entering. After a pitched battle, the Alpha Ceph dies as Psycho arrives in a VTOL. As Prophet attempts to rescue Psycho from the damaged vehicle, he is sucked into the wormhole and ends up in space. Prophet commandeers the Archangel satellite and fires it at the Ceph mothership, destroying it and sending him falling to Earth.

Some time later, Prophet is living on the Island in Lingshan where the story first began, his nanosuit having taken on the form of his original body. He throws the dogtags of Nomad, Jester, and Aztec into the ocean. In a post-credits scene, the CELL board of directors flees to their safehouse, where they encounter Psycho, holding two pistols. Psycho says that he recently stayed in one of their hospitals and would like to file a complaint.

Crysis 3 missions
"Post-Human" • "Welcome to the Jungle" • "The Root of All Evil" • "Safeties Off" • "Red Star Rising" • "Only Human" • "Gods and Monsters"

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