"From Hell's Heart" is the sixth mission of Crysis Warhead. Psycho rides a train deep into North Korean territory to retrieve the container.


Psycho rides the train out into the open and fights off scores of KPA soldiers, jeeps, and armored security vehicles. The train, on an automated system, stops at a depot where Psycho attempts to deactivate the train. Sean O'Neill arrives in a VTOL despite Commander Emerson's reservations, and tries to help Psycho fend off the KPA. Psycho fails to deactivate the train and is forced to ride it through the ice sphere. The train eventually stops dead and is attacked by waves of alien troopers and scouts. Psycho defeats them all and arrives at the bridge where O'Neill is to extract the container, but he is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Colonel Lee appears on a helicopter and demands the container. Psycho sets the demolition charges and threatens to destroy the bridge, but Lee reveals a hostage marine, who he throws over the side. Psycho leaps to save him, holding the bridge with one hand and the marine with the other. As Lee flies off with the container, Psycho drops the marine, grabs a Korean nanosuit soldier, falls off the bridge, and detonates it as Lee mockingly salutes him.

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