"Exodus" is the ninth mission of Crysis. Nomad and Prophet meet up with the marines, but are quickly forced to flee a giant alien force.


Nomad and Prophet meet up with Sergeant Keegan and his marines at a small building at the edge of the sphere. The building gets attacked by alien troopers and scouts, but Nomad successfully repels them all. The marines decide to commandeer a set of armored personnel carriers and drive to the extraction point, as Major Strickland is evacuating the entire island. Nomad witnesses the VTOL containing Helena get shot down, and the team arrives to rescue her.


At the crash site, Prophet guards Helena while Nomad and the marines fight off dozens of aliens. Eventually, Strickland sends another VTOL to extract Prophet and Helena, but as Nomad and the marines prepare to rendezvous with Strickland, the giant alien hunter reappears and chases them to the extraction point.

Strickland's OrderEdit

The marines realize the hunter seems to be impervious to small arms fire, and Nomad boards a VTOL to escape. Just as the hunter is about to destroy Nomad's VTOL, Strickland boards a jeep and begins firing on it as a distraction, causing the hunter to impale the jeep and kill Strickland.

Crysis missions
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