Portrayed by
Kathryn Akin
Emerson (first name unknown)
United States Navy Commander
United States Navy

Commander Emerson is a supporting character in Crysis Warhead.


2020 (Crysis Warhead)Edit

Commander Emerson was Psycho's equivalent of Major Strickland after Prophet was kidnapped, giving him orders and missions. She was never seen in the game and her location was unknown. However, she provided Psycho and Sean O'Neill with information throughout the game, and was on rocky terms with O'Neill because of his past military history. She refused to provide Psycho with support when he went off mission to rescue O'Neill and only reluctantly let O'Neill help Psycho retrieve the container when Psycho convinced her it was a good decision. Eventually, Emerson and O'Neill put aside their differences when Emerson congratulated O'Neill for successfully helping Psycho capture the container.

Her fate is unknown because it is unclear where she was during the attack on the carrier fleet.

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