Dominic Lockhart
Portrayed by
Ruben Crow
First seen
Last seen
Commander Dominic Lockhart
Head of CELL

Commander Dominic Lockhart is a supporting character in Crysis 2.


2023 (Crysis 2)Edit

Lockhart is the brutal and violent commander of CELL, the mercenary wing of Crynet Systems. He has difficulty taking orders and often goes against the demands of Jacob Hargreave and Tara Strickland. After many of his men were killed by Prophet (and later, Alcatraz in Prophet's suit), he decided Prophet needed to die, even though Tara wanted him captured alive. Lockhart and Tara captured Alcatraz and Nathan Gould at the CELL Nanotech Facility. Later, after Alcatraz allied with Hargreave, Lockhart refused to give up the chase, going rogue and putting Hargreave under house arrest. After Alcatraz evacuated New York City, he traveled to Roosevelt Island, where Hargreave's base, the Prism, was located. Lockhart set up various ambushes and traps to try and kill him, but Alcatraz eventually broke through and encountered Lockhart, who tried to kill him with a gauss rifle. Alcatraz grabbed Lockhart and hurled him headfirst through a nano-reinforced window to his death.

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