Crysis is a comic set in the Crysis universe. It takes place after the ending of Crysis and fills in the backstory between that game and Crysis 2. It was released in six issues throughout 2011, starting in June.

Issue 1Edit

Prophet fends off waves of Ceph forces on the island as the VTOL carrying Nomad, Psycho, and Helena Rosenthal approaches. However, it is shot down.

Issue 2Edit

It is revealed that Prophet was dishonorably discharged from the military years ago for attacking his superiors over their brutal methods in the War on Drugs. Prophet admits to Nomad and the others that he was sent to the island by Jacob Hargreave to test the nanosuit.

Issue 3Edit

Hargreave contacts Prophet and tells him they can take a shortcut through the alien ship to reach a boat that will take them off the island. The group steps through a portal in the ship after being attacked by Ceph.

Issue 4Edit

Prophet recalls how he was carried away by an alien scout and deposited in a cave, where he met and teamed up with a Korean soldier named Pak.

Issue 5Edit

Pak was killed defending Prophet from some alien tentacles, and when Prophet stepped through a portal, he was sent back in time, explaining his erratic behavior. In the present, when the group heads through a portal, they find themselves 18 hours back in time. When they arrive at the boat, the people onboard open fire, having killed Hargreave's men. Helena is shot and killed and Nomad, Psycho, and Prophet are captured.

Issue 6Edit

The CIA agents on the ship forcibly interrogate the soldiers about their mission. Prophet gives up Hargreave's location in exchange for Nomad's life. In the ensuing battle, Nomad sacrifices himself by jumping in front of a rocket to save the others. The EMP from the nuclear blast launched by Richard Morrison allows Psycho and Prophet to make their escape.

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