"Contact" is the first mission of Crysis. When an archaeologist sends a distress message to the US government about hostile North Korean activity on an island near the Philippines, Raptor Team is dispatched to investigate.


A voiceover message is heard from Dr. Helena Rosenthal, an archaeologist on an island in the Lingshan chain near the Philippines, on August 7, 2020. She explains that North Korea has invaded, evacuated the civilians, and is now attempting to steal something her team found that she believes could change "the future of the planet." As her message is heard, a mysterious light can be seen opening on a huge alienlike structure.

Divided We FallEdit

One week later, Nomad, a member of Raptor Team, is on a carrier plane flying toward the island. Prophet, the team leader, explains to the rest of the team, which consists of vulgar Psycho, jocular Jester, and quiet Aztec, that their mission is to find Dr. Rosenthal and his team. Raptor Team jumps out of the plane, but as they fall Nomad is hit by a mysterious creature and is seperated from everyone else. Nomad meets up with Jester and they hear Aztec screaming for help over the radio. By the time Nomad and Jester arrive, they find Aztec's mangled body in a tree and several dead North Koreans. Prophet disintegrates his body to prevent his suit from falling into the Koreans' hands.

First LightEdit

Nomad splits up from Jester and finds a small village with a Korean People's Army, or KPA, jammer. Nomad destroys the jammer, allowing Prophet to contact Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC. Nomad explores a KPA command post and learns that General Ri-Shan Kyong is behind the invasion. Nomad then breaks through a Korean roadblock and is instructed to join up with the rest of the team, as Prophet has found something he wants them to see.

The Lusca's CallEdit

Nomad finds Prophet, Psycho, and Jester at the Lusca's Call, a small sailing ship frozen solid in the middle of the jungle. Psycho and Jester demand to know what is going on, but Prophet explains that search and rescue is their only mission. Suddenly, a giant tentacled creature smashes through the ship, grabs Jester, and flies off. A short pursuit occurs before the team finds Jester's mauled body on a rock.

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