"Call me Ishmael" is the first mission of Crysis Warhead. In the thick of the United States invasion of the island, Psycho is sent on his own mission.


Psycho helps several marines and joins a convoy, where he is observed by Colonel Ji-Sung Lee. The convoy is destroyed and Psycho is eventually forced to board a VTOL, which also crashes.



Psycho demands that Sean O'Neill deactivate an unspecified device that is endangering a colleague's life.


Psycho moves away from the combat to a KPA base, where he downloads intelligence. He also destroys a propaganda station blocking US military airwaves. Finally, he arrives at the beachside resort where the KPA have set up a large fortress. Psycho invades, destroys the KPA soldiers and tanks, and watches as his old friend Sean O'Neill flies overhead and bombs the base.

Crysis Warhead missions
"Call me Ishmael" • "Shore Leave" • "Adapt or Perish" • "Frozen Paradise" • "Below the Thunder" • "From Hell's Heart" • "All the Fury"

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