"Below the Thunder" is the fifth mission of Crysis Warhead. Psycho navigates the abandoned mine to try and locate the container.



Psycho traverses the mine using night vision and the dimmed lights, coming across KPA soldiers fighting alien troopers. Eventually, he finds the heavily guarded train station, and fights his way through to the terminal. When Psycho finds the train, he sees the KPA has already loaded the container onboard. Commander Emerson tells Psycho he must board the train, and Psycho leaps onboard.


The tape of Psycho and Sean O'Neill's argument is interrupted by a commanding officer, who recommends O'Neill be removed from all special forces programs immediately.

Crysis Warhead missions
"Call me Ishmael" • "Shore Leave" • "Adapt or Perish" • "Frozen Paradise" • "Below the Thunder" • "From Hell's Heart" • "All the Fury"

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