"Awakening" is the sixth mission of Crysis. As the mountain begins revealing its mysterious interior, Nomad makes his final charge to the mountain to rescue Helena Rosenthal.


Nomad breaks into a large KPA base near the mountain and, after destroying several tanks, retrieves the location of General Kyong inside the mountain mine. He then proceeds to a rock crushing complex where he encounters several nanosuited KPA soldiers with miniguns. Nomad defeats them and is instructed to head to the mine.


Nomad begins working his way into the massive rock quarry as an ominous thunderstorm looms over the mountain. As Nomad defeats more armored personnel carriers and nanosuited soldiers, the mountain begins shedding huge amounts of rock, revealing a giant blue structure inside. Nomad enters the mine and watches Helena Rosenthal argue with Kyong about opening the mysterious object in the mountain. Suddenly, a nanosuited soldier appears and knocks Nomad out.


Nomad is held captive by nanosuited soldiers while Helena and her colleague argue with Kyong. The colleague irritates Kyong, who shoots him in the head. Kyong then opens the mysterious object, revealing a bright white light that releases an electromagnetic pulse. The pulse kills the nanosuited soldiers, allowing Nomad to retrieve weapons and attack Kyong. When Nomad successfully kills Kyong, a VTOL arrives to extract Helena. However, as it returns to pick up Nomad, the mine collapses from the power of the mysterious structure, and Nomad blacks out.

Crysis missions
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