"Assault" is the fourth mission of Crysis. The United States marines invade the island and begin a massive battle with the North Koreans.


The VTOL containing Nomad and Psycho drops them off in the heart of the massive combat between the US and Korean forces in the early morning hours. Nomad meets up with Lieutenant Bradley, who instructs him to destroy several Anti-aircraft artillery guns on the coastline so his jets can get through.


Nomad maneuvers through several KPA roadblocks and finds the first AAA gun, which he destroys. Next, he finds a small peninsula on the other side of the lake where he destroys a second AAA gun despite heavy KPA resistance. Nomad then retrieves more intelligence for Major Strickland and Psycho, then infiltrates a large harbor where a Korean cruiser is docked. Nomad fights off scores of KPA soldiers and destroys the third AAA gun. He boards the cruiser and disables a signal jammer onboard, then "paints" the cruiser so nearby jets can bomb it.


Having destroyed the AAA guns, signal jammer, and cruiser, Nomad briefly defends the harbor before meeting up with Strickland and some marines with tanks. Strickland explains they will be breaking through the KPA defenses to get to the giant mountain where General Kyong is located. Psycho is told that he has his own mission to complete, and Nomad boards a tank.

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