"Ascension" is the tenth mission of Crysis. With Major Strickland dead and the marines evacuated, Nomad makes a desperate attempt to escape the island by VTOL.


The pilot of the VTOL Nomad is riding in is killed by an alien, prompting Nomad to take the controls. The thunderstorm created by the alien ship causes numerous tornadoes in the valley as Nomad provides cover for other VTOLs extracting marines in the jungle. Nomad is also instructed to rescue a convoy, but it gets destroyed. Having completed his mission, Psycho calls Nomad from the USS Constitution and assists him in finding the carrier fleet.

Crysis missions
"Contact" • "Recovery" • "Relic" • "Assault" • "Onslaught" • "Awakening" • "Core" • "Paradise Lost" • "Exodus" • "Ascension" • "Reckoning"

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