"All the Fury" is the seventh and final mission of Crysis Warhead. Psycho makes one last attempt to retrieve the container at a North Korean airfield as the aliens attack.



Psycho wakes up and sees the marine he dropped is dead. He takes out his anger on the KPA nanosuit soldier he pulled with him, drowning the man. Ashamed of what he did, Psycho follows Commander Emerson's instructions to go to a giant KPA airfield and find the container. At the airfield, Psycho fights through dozens of KPA soldiers, tanks, and other heavy vehicles, before reaching the tower to radio for help. Sean O'Neill arrives in a VTOL just as hundreds of aliens begin swarming out of the ice sphere. Psycho fights his way to the container, where he meets a red alien hunter. Psycho uses an experimental PAX cannon to fight off the red hunter, and manages to kill it.


Psycho and O'Neill observe the container, but Psycho suddenly cloaks. O'Neill ponders aloud the importance of the container, and Colonel Lee appears and explains that the alien scout did not self-destruct, so he intends to reverse engineer it. Lee's men prepare to steal the VTOL and container, and O'Neill lunges at Lee, but Lee shoots him. They realize the bullets didn't hit O'Neill, and Psycho suddenly uncloaks, having been standing between them. Psycho fights Lee as O'Neill retakes the VTOL. Lee uses his electrocution device to subdue Psycho and leaps into the VTOL to kill O'Neill, but Psycho follows him and they have a battle. Psycho gains the upper hand and uses the electrocution device against Lee. As Lee begs for mercy in Korean, Psycho growls "I'm British, you muppet," and hurls Lee out onto the tarmac, where he is destroyed by the giant alien warship. As they fly away, O'Neill says he thinks it's finally over, to which a relaxing Psycho replies "it is now."


Psycho helps the injured colleague who O'Neill nearly killed. As the colleague asks if the device was disabled, Psycho replies "that's my Nomad--always putting the mission first."

Crysis Warhead missions
"Call me Ishmael" • "Shore Leave" • "Adapt or Perish" • "Frozen Paradise" • "Below the Thunder" • "From Hell's Heart" • "All the Fury"

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