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Alcatraz, real name James, is the main playable character of Crysis 2.


2023 (Crysis 2)Edit

On August 23, 2023, Alcatraz was a member of the United States Marine Corps dispatched to New York City to help evacuate civilians and fight the Ceph alien forces. After his submarine was attacked by the aliens, Alcatraz was rescued by the nanosuited soldier Prophet, who proceeded to give the suit to Alcatraz and then kill himself. Alcatraz was given instructions by Nathan Gould, who believed him to be Prophet, until they finally met and Gould realized the nanosuit, which had been exposed to alien technology on the island three years earlier, had been fusing with Prophet's biology and driving him insane. Gould proposed that the human-alien DNA mix could be used as a vaccine for the Ceph spore weapons and possibly kill the creatures as well.

Alcatraz and Gould fought their way into the CELL Nanotech Facility in hopes of analyzing the suit, but were captured by Commander Lockhart and Tara Strickland. However, Alcatraz escaped in the ensuing chaos when the Ceph began erupting tentacular spires from the ground. Alcatraz established contact with Jacob Hargreave, who explained the nature of the aliens and how his suit was the best line of defense against them. After the military flooded Manhattan in an attempt to kill the Ceph, Alcatraz met up with the marines, and together, they pushed their way to Grand Central Station, where the military was evacuating civilians on subway trains. After several more violent battles, Alcatraz was airlifted out of Times Square, but decided to head to Roosevelt Island to help Hargreave, who was under house arrest by the traitorous Lockhart. Alcatraz infiltrated the island and killed Lockhart, but was captured by Tara and brought to Hargreave. Hargreave's men began cutting him out of the nanosuit, when Tara revealed herself to be an undercover CIA agent and freed Alcatraz.

Alcatraz fought his way to Hargreave's office, only to discover the man was actually over a hundred years old, kept alive with Ceph technology, and that he was speaking through a proxy program. Hargreave gave Alcatraz an injection that would increase his anti-alien capabilities, and he then escaped back to Manhattan and reunited with Gould and Tara. They made their way to Central Park, which was lifted into the air by the alien craft built beneath it. Alcatraz landed on the ship and destroyed it. He met a vision of Prophet, stored inside the suit, and Prophet explained how the aliens had ships hidden all over Earth and that the war has just begun. When Alcatraz came to in the rubble, he was contacted by Karl Rasch, and when Alcatraz introduced himself, he called himself Prophet and with the latter's voice. Alcatraz's mind had been ruined beyond repair, and the nanosuit replaced it with Prophet's.

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