"Adapt or Perish" is the third mission of Crysis Warhead. Psycho must pursue Colonel Lee as he escapes with the container.



Psycho demands that Sean O'Neill turn off the device that is endangering their colleague's life. When O'Neill refuses, Psycho breaks the device, and O'Neill says "that was my last chance."


Psycho wakes up on the submarine to find it stuck in the frozen ocean; the entire jungle for miles around has been frozen solid. Commander Emerson says that Colonel Lee is escaping on a hovercraft with the container, so Psycho commandeers his own hovercraft and chases after him on the frozen waves while avoiding attacks by alien scouts. Eventually, Psycho meets up with Eagle Team, another nanosuit squad led by a man named Dane. They fight their way through the snow and ice to find the mountain, where an alien hunter attacks. They successfully manage to destroy it.

Crysis Warhead missions
"Call me Ishmael" • "Shore Leave" • "Adapt or Perish" • "Frozen Paradise" • "Below the Thunder" • "From Hell's Heart" • "All the Fury"

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